Friday, 11 December 2009

Teddy Bear Hamster

Dear friends I need to share something with you so that even you will get aware of what are these nanny’s doing now a days. It’s my personal experience, I am a working mother and I have a child of eleven months. However I have to go to the office leaving my child behind at home. I had no other option than appointing a nanny for my child. So I immediately found a nanny and appointed her at my house. Though I would be at my office my mind would always think of my baby.
Every thing was normal. After a few days as usual I came home from the office and the nanny left away. Then in the night when I was giving a massage to my child I noticed that there were some red marks on my baby’s hands and face. I got worried about it and shared this to my husband and even he got worried, but he got an idea of installing a nanny spy cam. Then we immediately surfed on to the net and decided to get a nanny spy cam fixed in the teddy bear. We immediately got it installed in the baby’s room. Then daily we would check the recording at night and we found the nanny guilty and that was not at all sincere in her work. She would not give a proper feed to the baby and would sit gossiping to the nanny working at the neighbors place and if my baby would cry for a feed that arrogant nanny would pinch my child and would not give her a feed.

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